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It is the year 1609 in Logroño, northern Spain. Spanish inquisition has undertaken a campaign to root out witchcraft and massive examinations are about to start. You are a suspect. Will you be able to assure the interrogators of your innocence through cunning, resilience and skillful use of bribes? Or will you break under torture and end up being burned at the stake as a witch?

In Inquisitio players try to balance between enduring the horrors of brutal interrogations and not confessing to too many crimes of witchcraft. The player who manages to avoid being sentenced to the stake and is freed from the dungeon with the best combination of health, sanity and innocence will be the winner.

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Product Information:
Designer(s): Jani Ronkkonen
Manufacturer(s): Tuonela Productions
Year: 2009
Players: 3 – 5
Time: 60 minutes
Ages: 13 and up
Weight: 365 grams
Language Requirements: Manufacturer’s rules are printed in English.
18 Interrogator cards
18 Torture cards
18 Confession cards
27 Feature cards
5 Player cards
10 Help cards (2*5)
34 Coin cards (12*3, 12*2, 10*1)
10 Wooden Markers

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Weight 1 lbs
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